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By 0goldpenguin0
※ Posted with permission from the artist. Please do not remove source nor repost. 

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Artist: Miyano Mamoru, Terashima Takuma


Mamo and Terashii receive a message from a fan asking about whether Terashii has an ‘Ittoki switch’ for when he’s voicing Otoya and if he does, how to activate it.

Excerpt from Miyano Mamoru’s RADIO Animelo Mix ~STARRING!~ #31

(Read more because it got too long ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ)

Mamo: Hmmm… Wow, we received a lot of mail addressed to Terashima-san!
Terashii: Really?
Mamo: Wow, that’s amazing!
Terashii: Thank you very much.
Mamo: Okay, so this one’s from Utan-san. “Since the voice of Otoya, Terashima-san, is coming as a guest, I’m really really excited—”
Terashii: I’m here! (1)
Mamo: (laughing) I don’t think that’s the right person.
Terashii: Wrong person, huh?

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Annameii’s 2nd Giveaway! 

So I’m having another giveaway and this time there will be 2 winners!

1st Place Winner

Sports Jacket by Omocat (You’ll either be winning the jacket in the picture or the jacket from their summer line depending on when it’s released)

 Levi Figurine

Sailor Moon Necklace

 Mini Domo Teddybear

 Gaara Keychain

 Three Custom Pony Bead Friendship Bracelets (the ones in the picture are just an example)

Random Japanese Sweets and Candies (will be different than what is in the picture)

I may or may not add other surprises in there!

2nd Place Winner

 Their choice between Levi Figurine or Sailor Moon Necklace

 Three Custom Pony Bead Friendship Bracelets (the ones in the picture are just an example)

Random Japanese Sweets and Candies (will be different than what is in the picture)

Rules and Guidelines

- Must be following me.

- Likes and Reblogs both count as an entry.

- You may reblog as many times as you like.

- Side blogs or Giveaway blogs do not count.

- Must be 18+/or have parents permission

- This is a WORLDWIDE giveaway 

- This isn’t really an entry but it would be nice if you’d check out Datafist on youtube and subscribe.


The winner will be chosen at random, using a number generator.

Once the winner is chosen, I will send you an ask on tumblr notifying you. Make sure your ask box is open, or I will chose another winner. I will then ask you which size you will need for the jacket and colors words for the bracelets, all the other details, I will also ask for your name and address. Once everything is put together I will message you when it is shipped out and when it is expected to be received. If the winner does not respond within 2 days of my message then I will use the generator again and pick new ones.

 End Date 

August 1st 2014 (I want to wait till after Anime Expo which is why the date is so far)


This giveaway isn’t associated with Tumblr (including, without limitation, that it isn’t administered, sponsored, or endorsed by Tumblr). I was not sponsored Omocat or anyone else.

GOOD LUCK (◕ヮ◕)*:・゚



So unfortunately the Weeaboo lettermans sold out so the prize is instead going to be the Glitch Boy lettermans that will be released this summer by Omocat!




fuck attractive people

that’s the plan

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so has anyone else noticed…


that nine and twelve from zankyou no terror


share the same voice actors as Team Karasuno’s nine and twelve in Haikyuu?!


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Some fem!Reigisa doodles C:

Commission info


mama Maki, papa Todo, son Onoda.

first pic>

O: mama! I received 100 points in the test!!

M:  I’m so proud of you!

T: Honey! I’m hungry!!!!!!!

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Some of the funniest book dedications ever.

New threat to anyone who’s being mean: “I’ll call you an assh*le on the dedication page of my next book.”

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So the designs for this years Prince Summer! is finally out! If the boys didn’t stand out before they sure do now. Banners of the boys are located in Harajuku this year which is a significant fashion and shopping region so these outfit definitely look the part. Starting July 26, the boys will also be on display in the newly opened SHINING STORE. Check out toki_ma's twitter for pictures of the banners!

I used to have shoes exactly like Syo’s and the only reason I don’t wear them still is because I wore them SO MUCH that they are no longer pink.

Oh, and since I didn’t really express this the first time I reblogged these, I think this is great graphic design and a great campaign.



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